About Us

For Over 30 Years Ali Baba Tailor has engaged in the business of true bespoke tailoring also known as custom tailoring of luxury clothing for a national society of Pakistan. This business of men tailoring was started in 1995 by Zahid Ejaz.

alibaba tailors is a discovery platform for creating custom-fitted clothing & tailoring services for its customers anytime, anywhere. We help our customers to personalize their tailoring needs online by helping them with style elements and garment fitting. We provide home service for taking measurements and deliver your personalized garment to your doorstep. We also provide alteration service to correct your existing garments at your doorsteps and walking  Customers

Currently, we are serving the customers in Faisalabad also we are the Only One we don’t have any other branch in Pakistan, we are in Afghan Chowk, Katchery Bazar, Faisalabad. Pakistan We have special offers for Defence personnel, Advocates, Corporates, Colleges & Universities, Social Clubs & Group Housing societies.

Zahid Ejaz

Zahid Ejaz
Ali Baba's owner
Zahid Ejaz Ali Baba's owner